NBC News: “Sandy = A New Normal?”

brian williams thumbA month after hurricane Sandy wiped out the northeast coast, a major study was released which reported that sea levels are rising 60% faster than the most recent IPPC projections. Ice melt in Greenland is outstripping even the most pessimistic forecasts.

That finally got the attention of  the “mainstream” US press. NBC braved the wrath of the climate change deniers to lead its Nightly News on November 26 with this story.  And, they didn’t tiptoe around the implications, either.  Throughout the story, anchor Brian Williams and reporter Ann Thompson made the connection – clearly and without qualification – between melting ice, climate change and weather disasters.

Near the end, Williams actually said Sandy may represent “a new kind of normal” for people living near the coast.

This may have been a true breakthrough moment.  It makes interesting viewing.



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