Climate Apocalypse Now – Wednesday March 15

SF Under water

Join us on Wednesday March 15 at San Rafael City Hall for a presentation and discussion of practicalreal-world actions you can take over the next four years to help avert the looming climate apocalypse.

Topics and speakers will be:

1. The One World House
David Haskell, professional solar designer and energy efficiency consultant, will provide practical instructions to turn your house into a ZERO NET ENERGY HOME . . . where all energy consumed on-site is carbon-neutral.


2. Driving on Sunshine
Dale Miller, early EV adopter and President of the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Assn., will present the why and how of powering all transport, from bikes and cars to buses and trucks, with 100% non-polluting electricity today.


3. Zero Waste & Sustainable Consumption
Renee Goddard, Zero Waste program manager for Sustainable Fairfax and Fairfax Town Council member, will explore how with forethought, conscious purchasing and shopping locally, you can dramatically reduce your impact on the earth.


4. Less Carbon, More Community
Tamra Peters, founder and director of  Resilient Neighborhoods, will share her experiences helping families shift to a low-carbon/no-waste lifestyle . . .while building community and having fun!


5. Call to Action: The One Planet Challenge
Kiki La Porta, climate and social justice activist and past president of Sustainable San Rafael and Sustainable Marin and
Sustainable San Rafael, will moderate.


Join us for an illuminating, action-inducing evening.


7 to 9 PM, San Rafael City Hall, 1400 5th Avenue, San Rafael

(Click the poster below to download a printable/post-able PDF version)

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