Video from “Choosing the Future We Want”

On September 17, 2014, a sizable audience gathered at City Hall for “Choosing the Future We Want – Housing Choices for Marin.” Speakers explored how we can bring our built environment back into alignment with nature – while at the same time extending our tradition of walkable towns, rich in transit and diversity, and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by reducing our driving.


      • Colin Russel, AIA 
        Marin Environmental Housing Collaborative (MEHC)
        Marin’s character — broad & inclusive
      • Janelle Fazackerley 
        Front Porch Realty
        Housing our kids, families & seniors
      • Cesar Lagleva 
        Former Chair, Marin County Human Rights Commission
        Diversity, equity & affordability
      • David Kunhardt 
        Coalition for a Livable Marin (CALM)
        The economics of housing

Moderated by:

      • Chantel Walker
        Marin Environmental Housing Collaberative


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  1. Angela Gott September 16, 2014 at 4:10 pm #

    Senior housing is really needed in Marin County. With over 11,000 high risk for homeless seniors age 62 plus on the Marin County wait list for less than 2000 spaces and all wait lists filled, the situation is a housing crisis. Rotary Manor in San Rafael has 50 on its wait list and says in an average year 12 move out so I am looking at a 3 year wait at least. They are more expensive than most places for seniors too. A studio which is pretty small, is over $900 a month and they require an income stream of over $19,000 a year. A lot of seniors are below that so can’t meet the eligibility requirements. For a person like me, in order to keep my expanded medicaid for health care, I can’t earn more than $15, 866 a year so if my income was what Rotary Manor requires for their smallest space (400 sq ft.) I’d lose access to health care. A poor person should not have to choose between access to health care or shelter. They should not have to choose between having enough for food or their medicine either. Since the cost of rent is so high anymore, everyone is dependent on Marin Food Bank for food. Marin County needs to be building “Tiny Houses” like Portland OR and other cities are doing, building RV parks so that older people can live in camper trucks or tents, while permanent housing for seniors is being built. We have lived in Marin for decades and were the working underclass in construction, retail, cleaning, wait staff and office clerical. Now we are too old to work and need decent, affordable housing to live out our lives in without fear of being attacked and preyed upon. Many of us still need to work only can’t find employment opportunities because of age discrimination realities in hiring. Cities and county government should be willing to hire us for jobs but are not doing that. So we are being squeezed into homelessness and have no place to go. Marin is our home and we should not be treated this way in old age.

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