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State Report “Rising Seas in California” Get it Here

rising seas in CA coverThe State has just released “Rising Seas in California”  (Click to download your copy) that includes emerging science on the Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets. In calm, science-based language, the report puts the public on notice that things are changing at a faster rate. “Previously underappreciated glaciological processes, examined in the research of the last five years, have the potential to greatly increase the probability of extreme global sea-level rise (6 feet or more) within this century if emissions continue unabated.” The report also notes how for every foot of global SLR from Antarctica, California will get 1.25 feet. Special! In May-June, the State will hold workshops on how to use the new science.

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Video From “Climate Apocalypse Now” 3/15/17

(Click to watch video) On March 15, a large crowd gather at San Rafael City Hall to learn about the practical, real-world steps we can all take to combat climate change. Topics and speakers were:

1. The One World House
David Haskell, professional solar designer and energy efficiency consultant, provided practical instructions to turn a house into a ZERO NET ENERGY HOME . . . where all energy consumed on-site is carbon-neutral.


2. Driving on Sunshine
Dale Miller, early EV adopter and President of the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Assn., presented the why and how of powering all transport, from bikes and cars to buses and trucks, with 100% non-polluting electricity today.


3. Zero Waste & Sustainable Consumption
Renee Goddard, Zero Waste program manager for Sustainable Fairfax and Fairfax Town Council member, will explore how with forethought, conscious purchasing and shopping locally, you can dramatically reduce your impact on the earth.


4. Less Carbon, More Community
Tamra Peters, founder and director of  Resilient Neighborhoods, shared her experiences helping families shift to a low-carbon/no-waste lifestyle . . .while building community and having fun!


5. Call to Action: The One Planet Challenge
Kiki La Porta, climate and social justice activist and past president of Sustainable San Rafael and Sustainable Marin and
Sustainable San Rafael, moderated.

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Video from December 19 Town Hall Meeting

On December 19, an overflow crowd filled the San Rafael HS gym to hear a report from Congressman Jared Huffman on the state of climate action and other environmental issues under the incoming Trump administration.  Sustainable San Rafael was oner of the event sponsors.

Joining Congressman Huffman on the panel were . . .

Here’s the video of the complete event.

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New Solar For San Rafael

An artist's drawing of the solar panels planned for City Hall. The blue panels will shade most of the parking spaces as well as the roof of teh main building.

An artist’s drawing of the solar panels planned for City Hall. The blue panels will shade most of the parking spaces as well as the roof of the main building.

In August, the San Rafael City Council voted to move ahead with a major initiative to install solar panels on six city buildings.  The first site to be completed will be City Hall, pictured above.  When the project is complete. 57% of the city’s electric use will be delivered by solar, and the city’s greenhouse gas emissions will have been reduced by 18%.  Check out this story in the Marin IJ for more details.

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Report from “Rising Waters, Rising Voices”

rising voices panel

Our Expert Panel brainstorming with the audience on adapting to climate sea level rise.

On October 8, 2014, we held a follow-up to this summer’s overflow “Rising Waters, Rising Rates” event on climate-induced insurance costs.  This time, participants were asked to join a panel of Marin climate leaders to brainstorm together on what we can do to ‘manage the risks’ from growing climate disruptions.

Review a  “Storyfy” report on the event by clicking here.  (Complete video from this event will be posted soon.)

Topics addressed were:

  • Who pays for the damage from more flooding, wildfires, drought & heat?
  • How will our most vulnerable communities cope?
  • Can enhanced wetlands absorb higher storm surges?
  • Can we fund a county-wide climate vulnerability assessment?
  • How can households save money by reducing carbon and increasing resilience?
  • Doesn’t it make more economic sense to solve climate change than “adapt” to it?
  • How can EPA, regional, state & national efforts help?

The Panel:

Gail Nappel, Adaptation Chair, Sustainable San Rafael

Bob Brown, Community Development Director, City of Novato

Leslie Alden, Aide to Marin Supervisor Kate Sears

Greg Brockbank, President, Sustainable Marin

Sandy Wallenstein, Director, Shore-Up Marin

Jeff Rhoads, Director, Marin Resilient Bay Shore

Tamra Peters, Director, Resilient Neighborhoods

Doug Wilson, Co-Chair, Climate Action Working Group 

Belle Cole, Marin Organizing for Action

Bill Carney, President, Sustainable San Rafael

Jointly sponsored by:

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Video From “Rising Waters, Rising Rates” Forum

On July 9, 2014 a full-house audience gathered at the San Rafael Corporate Center to confront the all-too-imminent threat of climate-induced sea-level rise and the threat of higher insurance rates and limited coverage.  Here’s the full-length video from this sobering event:


Speakers were:

Stephen Bushnell head shotStephen Bushnell
Sr. Director Product Development
Fireman’s Fund Insurance

Geoff MargolisGeoff Margolis
Deputy Commissioner
California Department of Insurance


Kate sears 275 wKate Sears
Marin County Board of Supervisors
BCDC Commissioner




The second forum in this series, “Rising Waters, Rising Voices” was held October 8.  Watch for video of that event coming soon.

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